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Hugo Trophy

Hugo Trophy
Noreascon 4, 2004

The Hugo trophy is the science fiction community's equivalent of the Oscar award, given annually at the World Science Fiction Convention in a variety of categories including Best Novel, Best Short Story, Best Artist, Best Dramatic Presentation, etc.

This year, the World Science Fiction Convention was held for the fourth time in Boston, and was called Noreascon 4. I had the honor of designing and creating the base to go with the rocket portion of this year's Hugo trophy. Every year, the chrome-plated rocket is the same but the base is a different design. There have been a few other bases designed to represent the rocket rising into the air, but none showing a pillar of flame in quite this way.

The base is lathe-turned from mahogany, and the flames are a sculpture of copper and brass. There is a carefully engineered support structure within the sculpture to make the entire assembly very rigid. A total of 18 Hugos were built.

Copyright 2004 by Scott Lefton