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Pitcher Plant Lamp
Pitcher Plant Lamp lit
This lamp is based on the shapes of pitcher plants and is made of stained glass, red bronze, phosphor bronze, brass, and copper. It is a prototype for what will eventually be a standing lamp with five heads similar to this one, all joined around a central column and individually height adjustable.

The curved glass sections were formed by slumping sheets of stained glass over custom refractory forms in a furnace, and then cutting the glass pieces to shape on a glass-cutting bandsaw adapted to cut in 3D. The glass pieces were joined with standard stained glass assembly techniques using copper foil and solder.

Some of the metal parts were cast from 3D printed waxes, and some were machined with a CNC milling machine. The articulated main stem of the lamp and the joints are hollow so that electrical wires can safely pass through them. All of the metal parts plus the assembled lampshade were copper plated for an even base color and then patinated.

It is lit with a 75W equivalent candelabra base LED bulb. The overall height of the lamp and main stem is about 16 inches.

Pitcher Plant Lamp unlit

When unlit, more texture detail can be seen in the clear glass, which was sandblasted on the back surface to provide better translucency and thus more even lighting.


Pitcher Plant Lamp showing range of motion

The articulated stem permits the lamp to be moved through a range of heights, where the brake (lower right) locks the lamp in position. Pulling down on the collar in the middle of the brake releases it and permits height adjustment.
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