Tarot Details:

The suites and cards of any individually created Tarot deck are of course subjective and highly personal, in spite of any efforts made towards objectivity. I have made no efforts toward objectivity; that's not what this deck is about. This deck claims no magical or mystical powers, but serves as a series of personal archetypes intended to foster dialogues both internal and external. It's effectively a series of snapshots of the inside of my head, taken with some very odd lenses over a long period of time and made for my own purposes. I find it to be disturbingly accurate and very powerful. Use it at your own risk.

The full description of each card will be starting to appear with the page for each finished card sometime soon.

The first three suites are about aspects of the human condition.

    Attributes - Personal characteristics, a unique combination in every individual.
Deeds - Actions taken or that may be taken.
Personas - The roles one can play in life.

The second three suites are about direct influences of people and the world on each other.
    Forms - The elements that the physical world is made of.
Transformations - The ways in which things may change.
Patterns - The ideas that make the world work.

The last three suites are about indirect influences of people and the world on each other.
    Forces - The tangible ways in which the world influences you.
Manifestations - Human ideas projected into the world.
Essences - The intangible ways in which the world influences you.


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