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Wedding Ring Holder Puzzles
Stainless steel puzzle holding a wedding ring

These puzzles were crafted of stainless steel and were designed to hold wedding rings.
They were a wedding gift to a couple of very dear friends who are extremely fond of puzzles.
The puzzles are just under 1 3/8" in diameter and allow the rings to be worn as pendants or bracelets.
Each puzzle contains a pair of mazes which engage the sliding hooks that keep the ring in place.
The puzzles are solved by sliding the hooks and rotating the outer dial to move the hooks inwards until they release the ring.

Pair of puzzles with dark & textured finish

The gift puzzles and rings were finished at the couple's request to resemble old, worn iron.
This finish was achieved with sandblasting and colorants on both the stainless steel puzzles and the white gold rings.

Brass prototype puzzle
Initial prototypes were made of brass and featured a surface design not used in the final pieces.
Copyright 2009 by Scott Lefton