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    Thumbnail of Pitcher Plant Lamp with full five heads,.    
Pitcher Plant Lamp
Pitcher Plant Lamp thumbnail
Thumbnail of the Mini Hugo rocket, flaoting aboard  the ISS.
Thumbnail of the Pentacle Table
Pitcher Plant Lamp
Study Piece
Mini Hugo Rocket Aboard The ISS
Pentacle Table
Woodworking & Furniture With Mixed Media
Thumbnail of the Scroll Tray
Scroll Tray
Mosaic Bowls Thumbnail
Thumbnail of Mosaic Table
Thumbnail of Mosaic Trivet
Mosaic Trivet
Mosaic Bowls
Mosaic Trophy Hide Table
Thumbnail of Corner Table  
Thumbnail of Puzzle Jar
Griffindale Chair
Corner Table  
Puzzle Jar
Griffindale Chair
Display Case  
Thumbnail of Innsmouth Table 1 - Carved and inlaid mahogany table
Art Gallery Display Case  
Innsmouth Table
Tansu / Drafting Cabinet
Jewelry and Mixed Media
Thumbnail of copper & silver Mokume-gane wedding rings
Mokume-Gane Wedding Rings
Thumbnail of Ritual Object - Flogger made with  red human hair and a tulipwood handle  
Thumbnail of Tiger Bead Necklace
Thumbnail of Wedding Ring Holder Puzzle
Ritual Object  
Necklace With Tiger Colored Glass Beads
Wedding Ring Holder Puzzle
Thumbnail of Ritual Object 2  
Gold & Ruby Knokwork Pendant
Thumbnail of Stainless Steel Locking Collar
Ritual Object 2  
Gold & Ruby Pendant
Stainless Steel Locking Collar
Necklace Thumbnail  
Chinese Dragon Rings
Thumbnail of Candlesticks
Ebony & Glass Bead Necklace
Chinese Dragon Wedding Ring
Griffin & Ivy Crescent  
Large Dragon Pendant
Thumbnail of Necklace With Copper & Glass Beads
Griffin & Ivy Crescent
Large Dragon Pendant
Necklace With Copper & Glass Beadss
Thumbnail of Hugo Trophy
Thumbnail of Arisiabowl Trophy
Thumbnail of Olympic Torch Trophy
Hugo Trophy (2004)
Arisiabowl Trophy
Olympic Torch Trophy
Birthing Knife
Wedding Knives
Bulldog Knife
Birthing Knife
Wedding Knives
Bulldog Knife
Lampworked Glass Beads
Eye Bead Necklace  
Green Bead Necklace
Necklace with lampworked beads & foldformed silver ornaments
Blue Bead Necklace
Eye Bead Necklace
Green Bead Necklace
Charlotte Necklace
Blue Bead Necklace
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