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Lampworked glass beads are made by manipulating colored glass rods in a torch flame and forming the beads around a steel mandrel coated in a refractory release agent. The murrini technique allows the artist to form glass rods containing a design element continuous along the rod's length. These are three samples of glass bead artwork that I've done. The large beads are lampworked moretti glass. Individual beads as well as full jewelry pieces can be purchased. Contact me to discuss commissions.

The Eye Bead Necklace contains 3 eye elements in the larger lampworked bead, handmade in the murrini technique.

The Green Bead Necklace contains 15 lampworked beads, and is 24" in overall length.

The Blue Bead Necklace contains 9 lampworked beads, and is 17" overall length.

Copyright 2003 by Scott Lefton