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The jewelry work that I do is mostly in the areas of cloisonne enamel, lost-wax cast sculptural pendants and rings, (generally fantastic creatures & knotwork designs) and pieces constructed using soldering, saw work and other standard jewelry fabrication techniques. My cloisonne enamel technique is generally done with fine silver wires over a fine silver base, and enamels of American, Austrian, and Japanese origin. All of my enamel pieces are ground and brought to a fine matte finish after numerous firings. The cast work is done with a variety of types of wax, formed with machining and hand-carving techniques. Molds can be made and limited production runs of cast items are possible. These are three samples of jewelry artwork that I've done. Contact me to discuss commissions.

The Griffin & Ivy Crescent pendant is cloisonne enamel, set in sterling silver.

The Chinese Dragon Wedding Rings are 14k yellow gold. The waxes that they were cast from were hand-carved.

The Large Dragon Pendant is sterling silver, surrounding a black onyx. The wax that it was cast from was hand-carved.

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