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These are three samples of knives that I've made. I work with both commercially available high quality blades and custom blades made to my specifications by a local bladesmith. Contact me to discuss commissions.

The Birthing Knife was a commission to be used to cut the umbilical cord at the birth of the owner's child. Apparently the doctor present at the delivery claimed that it parted the cord more smoothly than a scalpel would have. The blade is stainless steel, reground from a commercially available blade, and the handle is sterling silver, cast from a hand-carved wax.

The Wedding Knives were a gift to a close friend. The blades are custom-ground and heat-treated D2 tool steel, the handles and sheaths are fishtail oak, and the ornaments are bronze, cast from machined and hand-carved wax.

The Bulldog Knife was a commission. The blade is custom-ground and heat-treated O1 tool steel, the handle is walnut, the guard and spacer are brass, and the pommel is a bulldog face, hand-carved from a tagua ivory nut. The sheath is leather, hand-tooled with a knotwork design.

Copyright 2003 by Scott Lefton